Go West!

1 Dec

Guest Post: Natalie Walter

Although I have lived on the East Coast for my whole life and all of my family is here, I’m really excited to move west next year. In January, my wife and I along with our two dogs are packing up and moving to California. In preparation for our big move, I have begun researching everything about our new area. In addition to looking for a place to live, I’ve been looking for information about television and satellite internet providers in Calidornia. Both television and internet are things that we use a lot at our house so I want to make sure we have those services ready when we move in! I’m not as worried about telephone service since we both already have cell phones and we will take them with us. In fact, we may not even use a land line. Anyone who wants to get in touch with us usually just calls our cell phones anyway. But I know I can’t live without watching football and my wife will have to be able to access her facebook account!

I’m Moving!

10 Sep

….My new site is tarashea.com! Come check it out. 🙂 There will be a lot more work being done to it over the next month, but it is good enough for now. 🙂 All of my posts that were here (as well as any comments that were left) have been moved to the new site.